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Warren J. Keegan

Warren J. Keegan

We live in a global marketplace. As you read this book, you may be sitting in a chair imported from Brazil at a desk imported from Denmark under a lamp from Italy. On your desk you might have a PC from Taiwan or perhaps a Macintosh designed in the United States and made in Irland. Your shoes might have come from Bulgaria, and the coffee you are sipping could be from Latin amerika or from africa. In the background you have on your favorite sof-trock radio station playing a Grateful Dead record pressed on a Philips of the Netherlands compac disc. You are planning a trip to the Russian republic where you plan to meet friends for dinner at the new McDonald’s in Red Square. Welcome to the 1990s.yerterday’s marketing fantasy has become today’s reality: A global marketplace has emerged. This book is about global marketing, which we define as:the process of focusing the resources (people, money, and pyisical assets) and objectives of an organization on global market opportunities and threats.

Demikian kalimat pertama yang ditulis pakar marketing ternama, Warren J. Keegan.

Ia adalah seorang professor marketing Harvard University.

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